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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  April 18, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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trials but how you respond to them. boston is a great city and how it will respond and how it will come back from this crisis will show the world that they are even greater than we thought. we will watch boston rise again. thanks for watching. i'm al sharpton. "hardball" starts right now. manhunt. let's play "hardball." good evening, i'm chris matthews in washington. there kwas was a big development today. the fbi went public releasing these photos and videos of two men who they say are suspects in the case. one of the men is observed in surveillance video setting down a backpack at the site of the
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second explosion. these are suspects, the fbi has stressed. they are believed to be responsible for the bombing on monday and the fbi considers them armed and dangerous. extremely dangerous. >> somebody out there knows these individuals as friends, neighbors, co-workers, or family members of the suspects. though it may be difficult, the nation is counting on those with information to come forward and provide it to us. no bit of information, no matter how small or seemingly inconsequential is too small for us to see. each piece moves us forward towards justice. it is extremely important for us to contact us with any information regarding the identities of suspect one, suspect two, and their location. >> well, the images show two men wearing baseball caps, as you can see, and in dark jackets. they walked very calmly through the crowds. you can see that yourself. what we don't know tonight is their motivation and certainly most importantly as we speak where they are right now.
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i'm joined by michael isikoff, special agent in charge, james cavanaugh and former fbi profiler clint van zandt. we're operating in real-time now, about an hour after this was out, people now know what these people look like, a pretty good look at them. the people who know them know that they see them or recognize them or not. they know who they are. many people may know where they are right now, what court country they come from, maybe here in the united states, we don't know. what we don't know is if it's possibly overseas. >> chris, as you and i have talked the last couple of days,
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this was a terrible incident was that easy for one, easier for two people to do it. now we see that it was two. they backpacked these devices in. what we find is very elaborate plans. planning goes in to carrying it out but not a lot of planning goes into the escape plan. the bottom line right now is that if these two men are still in the united states, i think within 24 to 36 hours they are going to be in custody. we've got 310 million sets of eyes just in this country. if it were you or i trying to get out of this court, we can't get in a bus, in a cab, can't get in a train -- >> what about monday night. >> we can't get across an international border because everybody's got your picture. >> well, why didn't they leave monday night? do we have records right now, visual images of people who left
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the court monday night or at any time since monday? in other words, if these two people -- >> just like i heard you talking in your 5:00 show about mohammed ada where we see him passing through the metal detector getting on the fateful plane, we will have these two images if these guys tried to get out of the country or did get out of the country. there are fbi going through every frame every person leaving this country by airplane, seeing if we can match it up to these two guys. >> if we had done that, we wouldn't be putting out these pictures right now. right now it tells me they needed the public to help at this point. what does it tell you about walls they went up against? they held on to these pictures for a couple of days. what does that tell you about the difficulty they were having in pursing them at the point they decided to release these
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pictures? >> the best case scenario for law enforcement is to keep it within law enforcement, make the identification and the arrest before you go public and not complicate it, not get lo lookalikes. there's going to be tens and thousands of phone calls that come in. somebody is going to say it's my ne neighbor. someone is going to call in and say that's my ex-boyfriend. true fact? we don't know. but chris, there is a needle in a haystack and in this case, two needles and i really believe -- i mean, a picture is worth a million words right now. nationally and internationally, there are people picking up the phone, there are people sitting down in front of a computer looking at these guys and saying i think i know one of these guys and we see one guy talking on a phone t appears to be. maybe he's faking it.
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maybe he's talking on a phone. if he's talking on a phone, the fbi and other agency also grab that signal out of the air at that exact second and we'll know who he was talking to. if we can't find them, let's find somebody they know and that will lead us back to these two guys. this is what all government agencies and local agencies do best. a fugitive hunt, nobody does it bett better than american law enforcement. >> i always know roughly the number of people watching this program at any given time but i know it by the next night. look at this phone number. 800-call-fbi. see, if you can remember that and you recognize either these two guys, the one in the white cap, one in the black cap, sometimes i think it's easier to recognize the one in the white cap but there's the guy in the black, darker cap. it seems to me you have a role
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to play if you recognize them from around town. here's the fbi operating with the help of perhaps 100 million americans. >> what we know is they had started to distribute these photos yesterday to law enforcement hoping they didn't have to go this route, hoping that they would get -- some federal law enforcement agency, had photos resembling these guys in their database, we would be able to identify them without having to go public with it. that obviously didn't happen. but remember, the clock was ticking. these guys have now had more than 72-hour head start to fly the coupe and that's why this is going to be a nationwide search and potential leanne
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internation international search. there's so many ways to get out of boston, out of this area, out of the country. you've made the point before that there's a lot of surveillance photos, if they were leaving the airport, they could have left by train or gone north to canada. >> yes. >> there's a multitude of ways that they could have escaped. so look, either we're going to get a real break in the next 24 hours because people are going to see these photos, they are going to know who these people are, they are going to identify them to the fbi and the fbi may be able to catch them or we could be in for a very long search. remember, eric rudolph, the atlanta olympics bomber, it took years before the fbi got him. took years to get the unibomber. we don't know whether this will lead to the break of the guys who did this or if we're in for
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a long search. if they did not do it, if these are the wrong suspects -- and remember they haven't been charged, you would expect that these guys would come forward immediately, perhaps with a lawyer, go into the nearest fbi office and say, look, you've got it wrong. i was there but there was nothing in my backpack and they would want their name cleared immediately. so if that is the case, we would expect to know that very quickly as well. >> we're hearing right now that they are getting names at the joint operating center, that people are volunteering the names of people. the logic of it tells that of course people look alike. people say all the time, you look sort of like that guy, like that guy. let's go to jim cavanaugh right now. maybe i think like a cop but i'm thinking monday night they could have had plane tickets to be out of the country, middle east,
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driven to the canadian border, been to new york by monday at midnight. there's so many possibilities of where they've gone. what does it tell you that the fbi gave up trying to find them on their own? >> they made the right decision, the task force did to release them. you always want to be able to identify them yourself because then you can put them under surveillance, see their behavior, and make their move when you want to. that's what we all prefer in law enforcement. in law enforcement, we don't want to tell anybody anything. that's not the way it can work. and you're exactly right. mike isikoff, who i think is always right, you're exactly right about coming and going. look, if these were foreign nationals, they could have come in to watch the marathon or even if they were domestic
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perpetrators, they could have come in to watch the marathon for two, three days, made the bomb, and left. left monday night, chris, like you said. they could have drove away. so they have sort of -- bombers tend to sort of have an arrogance. rudolph talked about working on that extensively. i was on and off at 17 years at that case and i'm telling you these guys get an arrogance about them that they think they can't be caught and if i could tell you the number of times that i've knocked on a guy's door that planted a bomb years ago and said, i have a warrant for you, you wouldn't believe it. they don't believe that you're ever going to find who they are. >> i see that. jim, can you see that in their faces? not to be too cute here, but i tell you, i've seen people come on television more nervous than these guys look. they look like cool customers and even more so because of
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their coolness. >> clint was a profiler. i'm telling you, we started atf put two profilers in that behavioral unit in 1983. we've had them there since. i've worked with them as commander. they are great. they tell you the kind of things, the nuances you need to know. but you don't need to know all that. if you look at the circumstances here, any good cop, journalist, any smart citizen can see what is going on. they are not walking around fearful looking over their shoulder. they are striding down the street like they own boston. but things have changed now. thanks have changed. and now they are scared, they are hiding, or they may be some far off place thinking that they are okay but you know what? the united states, like clint said, we are going to find you. we have the fugitive finders, we've got the fbi, the police, the marshals. >> jim, you be first at putting this together. we're talking about the fbi announces within the last two
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hours that these are the only suspects, the only people of interest. the fact that they looked at this for a couple of days means that they think they did it. then you put together the calm arrogance of these people walking through people they are about to try to kill. put it together morally. put it together factually. they are standing there casually carrying bombs in their backpacks and they are going to use to kill the very people surrounding them there. and as i pointed out and all kinds of background of people, they are systematically, without any conscience, deciding to kill those people, as many of them, and blow off the legs of as many people as they can. they know exactly what they are doing. my hunch -- i'll just say this. could an american have that point of view? a normal american have a point of view of such cold inslance of the people that they are calling to their judgment, basically.
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either they are fen flat cal killers or they are foreigners and they are just killing the enemy. >> chris, your first question, these are ice cold-blooded murders. that's what you're being looking at. ice cold-blooded murders. and the second part of your question, can an american do it? timothy mcvey did it. >> exactly. >> eric rudolph did, ted kosinski did. there's a lot of people that can do it. >> kosinski was a little off. i guess i had a hard time to believe it. i'm being naive but usually when they have a motive to kill a lot of people, it's political, it's deep. >> mass murderer to plant a bomb in a place like that, children,
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to know it's going to rip their flesh apart, that take as very cold-blooded person. these guys are very cold-blooded. >> michael isikoff, i want to find out what you're thinking about this. >> i think that either the fcbi is going to find these guys very quickly and we'll have an arrest or this could take a very long time. and the other point i wanted to make, i was thinking, from the beginning, from the first minute we were all asking was this domestic? was it international? was it because of the anniversary of oklahoma and waco and a right-wing malitia type? and we're really no closer to knowing the answer to that question today even with the images of these two guys. >> michael isikoff, i hear you're staying with us, james
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cavanaugh, clint van zandt. i want to give you that phone number again. you can call, 800-fbi-call. i'm sorry. fbi-call. 800-call-fbi. that's more logical. you can also go online to boston marathon tip lines. that's tips.fbi.government, gov. the number and website will scroll at the bottom of your screen tonight. we'll be right back. by the armful? by the barrelful? the carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. [ male announcer ] book ahead and save up to 20 percent at,
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we considered them to be armed and extremely dangerous. no one should approach them.
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no one should attempt to apprehend them except law enforcement. >> extremely dangerous. that's fbi special agent in charge rick deslauriers. here's the number to get in touch with the fbi 800-call-fbi. you can also go online to the bostonmarathontips, all one word, let's get to the manhunt itself. jonathan dietz is in new york. we're trying to figure out -- you know why i'm asking this, it's a speculation, right now at the command center, operating center, what is happening in terms of the filtering, archiving and catalog of calls coming in. we're told by pete williams that the fbi is receiving calls of suspected matchups with the faces here. >> they are getting some names and now what they are trying to
4:21 pm
do is run those names through data is bas and s databases and there is no name to match the suspects. but they are operating those lines. they have task force teams obviously ready to run out and follow any leads as they come in. some names are being offered from the calls and e-mails that are coming in but as of now there is no certain match and they are, again, using all their computers and technology to try to, as the names come in, to try to find them and find out which tips are more credible than the others. >> i'm wondering, jonathan, if you were in that crowd and survived and you're watching right now, does the human memory work that way that you would recognize these two guys walking along dressed as they were? >> i don't know. looking over the videotapes of
4:22 pm
that crowd, people were coming, going, celebratory, people watching the race, looking out on to the marathoners finishing up looking for their friends, loved ones, and probably not paying attention as closely to people around them. so i'm not exactly sure unless something stood out and my speculation is that someone noticed this guy in the white hat and setting something down, perhaps somebody remembers that and thought that's strange. but looking at this videotape, it just looks like ordinary guys in their 20s walking along this marathon route near the end of the race. >> or, to be honest about it and complete, guys dressed like regular american guys walking around, college students. >> right. >> you could say look like regular guys. they would dress like they see on television. >> the 9/11 hijackers, remember,
4:23 pm
they were dressed like every day americans in casual business casual clothes as they went through the checkpoints and got on the planes with their box cutters. so our absolutely correct and we're still being told that they don't know exactly whether these guys are domestic or foreign or whether they are -- >> let me follow up with you on this. they seem a little bit overdressed for the heat that day, for the weather. it's a little bit of a calibration, but they look like they wore clothes that are warmer than they needed that day, which means they may have come from overseas and wore temperatures that boston was experiencing the days before that. it got warmer. your thoughts about that. did you notice that they are wearing clothes a little heavier? >> a little bit. but then you see some people in heavier jackets and in fleeces
4:24 pm
and sweatshirts. >> they've got sweatshirts, jackets, hoods on. they look to me like they are dressed for 40-degree weather rather than 60-degree weather. just a thought. >> more importantly is there anything identifiable on that clothing. that's a bridge stone golf hat and the white hat may be a similar designed hat. that's white in color. so -- >> where would that take you, jonathan? >> well, it's just me looking at it with the black hat, it looks pretty new to me. so i would presume that they are running around in area stores to see if there are any recent purchases. this on top of with the bomb devices, seeing if those batteries were purchased in any stores. so this is all the kind of ma minutia legwork that hundreds of police investigators are unaring around on because they are looking for that one clue, that
4:25 pm
one tidbit. they are looking for that sudden jolt that, uh-huh, we know who did this. again, if they are from overseas, maybe someone here is not going to recognize them at all and it's going to be a lot more legwork. if they are from here and it's lone wolf guesves, perhaps a loe recognizes them and you have a quicker resolution. >> we're going to be back, by the way, with more on the investigation in just a minute. i want to get back to the bomb making, where the equipment came from, whether someone could have came into boston, built the bomb with local equipment, they went to remember stores with and put it together based on a simple plan. according to what we are hearing, that could have been done. this is "hardball." [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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we are joined by don borelli, joint terrorism task force. also with us is don clark, former head of the fbi in houston. mr. clark, mr. borelli, thank you for being with us. we would like a sense of what is going on at the joint operating center. don, we're getting reports, we got one from pete williams a few minutes ago that the fbi has been getting names called in. they don't have a matchup yet. where do you think things are going? >> they are getting names called in and jonathan mentioned about running through the databases. that's going to be one of the first steps. they are going to get names and run it through all of the logical databases and see what flushes out. if they get further information, dates of birth or an address, then they will take it to the next logical step. things like looking for phone records, utility bills, anything that can help coop great the information called in and then
4:30 pm
just, you know, they will keep pulling on that thread until they figure out yes we need to go to the next step or this is washed out. the person is not the right, you know, age or whatever. but they are going to keep pulling strings until they find the person that they are looking for. >> don, your thoughts about what's going on right now at the operating center. >> well, i think there's a lot of things going on. i like the concept of yeah, they are going to be looking at every aspect and everything they can get but also the u.s. is going to be looking at and talking to counterparts overseas and talking to them about individuals. they are not just going to look at it from a perspective of being in the united states and in this area where they took the bomb -- where the bomb took place. they are going to look at it all over and say, where could these people have come from and go to some of those people in those courts and see if they can get
4:31 pm
some information because they may get some information outside of the u.s. that may tell us that, who came in, when they came in, and what their mission was. >> well, what do you think about this? it seems like everybody has had dreams, i guess, about being pursued. there are ways to get away. you drive as far as you can to the southwest if you're in the northeast. you get as many miles as possible between where you were to not be in the circle of being picked up or recognized. but here we have a universal system of recognition. we have a face being sent around the planet. those faces are in probably every newspaper editor's office and every local tv station in the world. al jazeera has it. everybody has it. where do you hide? unless you're in a country that will protect you. you go through the manifests on the airplanes going to the
4:32 pm
different parts of the world ever since monday night. there's a limited number of planes going to other courts when you look at other parts of the world whereas traveling by car, how could you possibly know where a person went by car in the last four days? >> well, it depends on where the person came from and where they are going. even if you travel by car, at some point or another you've got to stop some place and people have to identify and with the publicity taking place now, even if you were driving a car and the photograph has been shown on your show, with the faces, if you drive up in a service station in the midwest somewhere, i guarantee those people are watching at this now. americans now, it's my humble opinion, that they are really looking at these types of things now. they are not just saying to pass it by and let the law enforcement do it. everybody is kind of looking at it. i think that's a plus for the americans to try to find out who these people are and give them
4:33 pm
their due gestures. >> let me go back to the other don. a number of cable stations, broadcast stations, the number of people who get their news from streaming, what do you estimate right now is the bes percentage of this country that has a vague sense of what these two fellas look like right now. >> the percentage? >> right now, i'd say 20% right away. >> that's probably pretty close. i mean, you have a better estimate of how many people are watching -- >> all of the nightly news shows, evening shows, all of the cable. especially on a hot news night like this. we can tell you, networks like our own, the audience piles on like they are doing right now because it's a story in progress. like the bronco chase with o.j. simpson. when there's a story moving and there's a mystery about it, an intrigue about it, people since the days of the 1920s when they used to read about ongoing crime stories and newspapers, they are interested because they want to
4:34 pm
know how it ends. they want to know and therefore i would guess a lot of people. >> a lot of people. absolutely. and to the point that mr. clark made, it's not just people here in in country. it's internationally as well. we have a lot of good friends and allies and even in countries that you think don't like us. >> how good is interpoll? >> i think it serves a very good purpose providing information and gathering information and providing it to where it should be. so i think it's a very strong signal to use and an opportunity to use in this type of investigation. >> mr. clark, you stay with us. we're looking for news of course to boston whether something
4:35 pm
breaks at this hour and if they pick up somebody from the various contributions. along those lines, here's the phone number again to reach the fbi. 800-call-fbi. 800-225-5324. go online to that's all one word. we'll be right back after this. i'm here in your home, having a pretty spectacular tuesday. ♪ but i don't notice the loose rug at the top of your stairs. and that's about to become an issue for me. ♪ and if you got the wrong home insurance coverage, my medical bills could get expensive. so get allstate. [ dennis ] good hands. good home. make sure you have the right home protection. talk to an allstate agent. peoi go to angie's listt tfor to gauge whether or not the projects will be done in a timely fashion
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within the last day or so we carefully developed a person of interest, not knowing if that person was acting in concert or alone, we made the
4:39 pm
determination. the fbi developed a second subject. we're enlisting the public's help to identify the two suspects. >> a big development in the marathon bombing case tonight. the fbi released videos and images of two men. we're back with james cavanaugh and former fbi profiler clint van zandt. when we first started covering this, they talked about accumulating evidence, painstakingly and developing from the evidence fragments, information about how the bomb was put together. now it's focusing on the face, the person. it's going from a ground game, if you will, to an air game. i'm asking -- it seems to me if an air game, like any sports, is more dramatic or it's a faster game. is this the way they are going to trying to find the person because they've already proven with their video technology. they don't have to make the case anymore. they just have to find these
4:40 pm
guys. >> they are going to have to make the case, chris. there's multiple investigations going on. we call it multiple track investigation. i guarantee there's a ton of investigators still running down the bbs, ball bearings, black powder, pressure cooker, the timer, the batteries, all these things are being done. there's enough agents and investigators involved that they would segment them and have them doing dinner things. there is also going to be the fugitive hunters, the bloodhounds. it used to be you had to be knocking on doors. now you're punching keys on a computer trying to bring these guys up. but look, they can shave their heads. they can burn their clothes. they can buy new sunglasses. what they can't do is take away those images you're showing right now. we've got them. we didn't have the picture of eric rudolph. we didn't have a picture of ted kosinski. we got a picture of these two
4:41 pm
guys and this is what is going to bring these guys in. if they are still in this country, chris, we are going to have them in 24 hours. >> let me ask you about something that's come up in our conversations. you can buy the pressure cooker or you can buy perhaps the batteries or circuit board or whatever. how do you get gunpowder or the explosive material itself in this country if you had come in, for example, from outside the country on a short stay, maybe a couple of days, can you buy explosive material easily or do you have to have a sleeper consider he will to get cell or something like that? >> no, you can get it in small quantity but these bombs didn't have a large quantity of explosive materials, probably a few pounds. i think building on what you've been discussing, chris, you've
4:42 pm
been right on. the thing is, the fbi is getting calls tonight that is going to say, those two guys -- and remember, you're more recognizable as two than one. >> yeah. >> those two guys were in my store and they bought five pounds of cut nails or a pressure cooker or they bought two timers or they bought a remote control car. mike isikoff has been reporting all day the battery looked like part of a remote control car. and so clerks are going to call. if they were buying the hat and the clothing, as your reporter just told you about, the hat looked new to him, because it does look new, a clerk will say, they were in my store and bought that hat. so what that does, it's probably going to be a cash transaction. because these guys think they are too clever, whether they are from new england or anywhere. but give another picture to the
4:43 pm
fbi, a new image that could be released. >> why are they wearing baseball caps? i know what i don't know. what court they are from, i don't know that. i'll stipulate that. but why would they go out and buy -- except to cover up to some extent their national identity, their looks to the camera. but they are not opbviously hiding their faces. they are hiding their identity. >> if these bombs were detonated remotely -- and we don't know if they were from timers, remote control detonators like the batteries are similar to. one of them could be carrying a remote control detonator like to a model car or to a garage door or something. >> is that a line of sight devices? >> yes. not too far away you could do it. and dark hat looks a little older to me. i don't know how old he looks to you.
4:44 pm
he looks maybe 30. the other guy looks quite a bit younger, maybe 20. dark hat guy walks in the front, a more dominant position. dark hat's bomb goes off first. so if i was looking at these two guys, i would think that dark guy is more dominant. he's older, taller, walking in the front, shades on, and his bomb goes off first. that bomb is the bomb at the flags and the bomb that looks more like the white cover was the bomb down by the trash bin. that's kind of interesting just as an all you can look at it. it's nothing for sure. it's just kind of interesting. >> it's an interesting to you that the governor was here -- former homeland security, the first one, he said it was interesting and recalled this coming out in the press that white baseball cap was placed on the bag that was sitting there. i don't know what that means. except to make it look like somebody walked away to get a coke or something and was coming
4:45 pm
right back and therefore don't move the bag. i don't know. >> he didn't need it anymore. he didn't need it anymore. he didn't need his disguise anymore. mission accomplished. >> so in is fascinating. let me go back to clint and this question of -- you say it's within 25 hours that he's domestic but you think it's recognized that he's gone. both things are possible. people would say, yeah, i remember that guy. he was in my boarding house last night or stayed in my two-star hotel last night or i had breakfast with him. who knows. because we don't know yet. we don't know. >> we don't know a lot of things but i know what i want these guys to know and that's that there is going to be a police officer or fbi agent knocking on the door or grabbing them by the shoulder very quickly. they better be looking over their shoulder. the authorities are moving right in on them. imagine, what do you do, do you
4:46 pm
hunker down, do you run, do you change your appearance? do you buy new clothes? do you go underground for a week? you're going to have a very hard time getting out of the country now. what are you going to do? everything is on the side of the authorities. these guys had everything going for them because we were all innocent. we're not independent anymore. >> i'd go to the canadian border and go through one of the softer crossings where they don't have a lot of questions that they ask you. i'd find some softer way to get through. thank you for joining us. our coverage of the boston bombing case which is moving hot, the trail seems to be hot, the a least the pursuit certainly is. we'll be right back. plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone wants... ♪ 50% more doo wop ♪ 50% more buckarooooooooos
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you as you learn to stand and walk and, yes, run again. of that i have no doubt, you will run again. >> that's president obama today with a magnificent speech, i think one for the record books at the interfaith service at the boston bombings. the one we're talking about is the one released by the fbi this evening, the picture of the two men the fbi is calling suspects and only them. kevin from the "boston globe," the headline is right, you will run again. your thoughts about this. i love boston columnists. tell me what it means. the president said one thing tonight i thought he may have given it away. the enemies are those who don't want to see a free open society will not win on this one almost intimating it was political perhaps international. >> chris, obviously, whatever
4:52 pm
ideologically spawned this, it has to be anti-american, whether it is or anti-western democracy, whether it's the homegrown or foreign inspired. i think that goes without saying. i'm kind of -- i don't know if i'm inan apostate, if the intert in the ideologically of the bombers is overdone in a lot of respects. you go around this town, chris, my feet are sore, i've been walking around the back bay for four days. the idea you will find these guys is a foregone conclusion. i don't think anybody in boston thought they would not be found. i think the law enforcement has done an compare job given how many images they had to sift through. in terms of terrorism, this had to be the most photographed act of terrorism in the history of
4:53 pm
the world. that said, in this town, you know this town, chris, it is an an irish town by ethos. my friend, bruce, the first african-american councilman president said we're all irish by osmosis. we need, frankly, to bury our dead. we need to heal our wounded. and we need to take care of our first responders who saw things that no one should have to see the other day. i've got to tell you, everybody i know in this town, chris, knew that what's happening today, it was going to happen, whether it was today, tomorrow, next week, who knows? we knew these guys whoever they are, i don't even know if these are the right guys, whoever did it will be in a court of law. we have no problem, know that will happen. >> as to boston, your confidence in the competence of the federal
4:54 pm
government is salutary. i don't think the american people as a whole if you polled them would say i think the united states government can achieve what it sets out to do. chat is one of the big changes, kevin. the people used to have that confidence when we went to the moon. i'm glad to hear your confidence. >> i've got to tell you. federal government, i know that every task force in this town has fbi agents, dea guys, boston cops, massachusetts state police, hey, chris, your old boss and my old hero, tip o'neill once said, all politics is local. where i come from, so is all law enforcement. >> thank you. i will be spending the whole weekend, saturday and sunday with my son working up there as an actor. i will spend the whole weekend doing what you're doing, walking around the back bay getting a feel for this so i can become like you are, a part of the color and understandings and feelings of the people. what a great city.
4:55 pm
thanks to the tip have tof the tip o'neill. call 1-800-callfbi. we'll be right back. to help people quit smoking.n it reduces the urge to smoke. it put me at ease that you could smoke on the first week. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, or if you develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. use caution when driving or operating machinery.
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and we're back. michael, our cog at nbc is back with us. michael, how's this
4:59 pm
investigation going as we leave tonight? >> reporter: well, it's clearly intensifying and going on many different levels. the fbi remember, still, once they find these guys, have to link them to the bomb itself. one of the things they're doing, i can tell you, is they're fanning out to new england hobby stores, where those battery packs, those tenergy battery packs found among the bomb debris, are sold, to see if they can link these guys to the purchase of those battery packs. they're also contacting the distributors of those pressure cookers, the pressure cookers, to see if any of those guys bought those. remember, at the end of the day, they still need the link between these guys and the actual bomb. if they could make that connection, they've got the crucial evidence that they'll need to be able to charge them and ultimately convict them. >> thank you. gr w


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